Training at Aspen Creek

Proper training is key to a happy relationship with your dog, keeping them mentally alert and socially engaged. Our classes cover practical training methods and canine education to prevent and solve behavioral problems your pup might have. Using positive reinforcement, a method proven most effective among all animals, we ensure that you will create a stronger bond and healthier relationship with your dog. Classes at Aspen Creek are run on-site by our certified trainer, Taylor.

Puppy Playtime – $20 per session

What could be better than a room full of puppies? Our puppy playtime is one hour of structured socialization for your pup! Your puppy will learn appropriate play behavior with other puppies as well as how to come back and calm down from the excitement of meeting new friends. Not only will your pup learn how to play nice, but you’ll learn how to recognize desirable and undesirable play behaviors in your newest furry friend! Puppy playtime is supervised by our on-site trainer and caps out at 6 puppies per social. Puppies should be anywhere from 8-20 weeks for these sessions.

Puppy Basics – $80

This is a four-week group class that focuses on socialization and teaching your puppy some basic behaviors and cues. We will learn about the foundation of positive reinforcement and address puppy specifics such as potty training, chewing/teething, and introducing them to leash walking. This course will tackle subjects such as correcting undesirable puppy behaviors and how to keep your puppy feeling safe and comfortable while exploring the world during such a vulnerable stage of development. Each class will include off-leash socialization with other puppies and reinforced exploration of other people and their new environment.

Puppies should be 8-13 weeks for this class.

Puppy Intermediate – $120

This is a six-week group class for pups who have completed our Puppy Basics course. In this class, we will be expanding on some of the basic techniques learned in the first course to help ensure that your growing puppy is still attentive and learning. It’s easy for puppies this age to “relapse” in their training, so we will work on honing the skills they already know as well as learning some new manners. We will focus on regular training basics like leave-it, wait, recall, name-recognition and more. Pet parents should leave this course with an understanding of how reinforcement and motivation guide their puppy’s behavior, and the ability to maintain control of their dog via safe and positive methods.

Puppies should be between 14-20 weeks for this class.

Manners 101 – $120

This is a six-week group class that focuses on helping you better communicate with and train your dog. In each class we will introduce a new behavior to practice with your furry friend out in the world and problem solve some common undesirable behaviors such as chewing or jumping. In this course, you and your dog will practice skills such as sit, touch, wait, leave-it, recall, loose leash walking, and more. Pet parents should leave this course with a basic understanding of positive reinforcement and how praise and motivation guide their dog’s behavior. This is a great class for building a strong bond between you and your new dog or for deepening the bond with a dog you’ve had for years.

Any dog over 6 months is welcome in this class.

Manners 102 – $120

This is a six-week group class that expands on the behaviors learned in our Puppy Intermediate or Manners 101 classes. In this course, we will introduce more advanced and complex training environments to ensure that your dog is attentive in any situation with any fun distractions. This includes recalling from play, maintaining proper leash behavior in any environment, and practicing behaviors surrounded by distractions. We will continue to trouble-shoot any at-home behavioral problems and introduce some new, more advanced behaviors such as stay and heel.

Any dog over 6 months is welcome in this class. Parents looking to enroll their pup after completing our puppy courses are encouraged to fill any gaps between courses with in-stay training sessions or one-on-one specialty sessions to keep their growing pup’s mind active and learning.

In-Stay Sessions – $15 per session

Does your dog attend daycare or boarding in the kennels at Aspen Creek? Then consider signing them up for some in-stay training practice while you’re away. These are half-hour, one-on-one sessions between your dog and our trainer. The focus of each session is customizable and will be made to practice any specific behavior you’d like your dog to learn or that you think your dog could use more practice with. To inquire about booking some in-stay sessions for your dog or to talk about which specific behaviors your dog could benefit from, contact Taylor through our kennel email.

Private Sessions – $30 per session

Our private sessions are one-on-one, hour-long classes with just you, your pup, and our trainer. These classes are made for pet parents struggling with any specific behaviors taught in our earlier classes, or for pet parents that want to focus on learning a specific behavior such as loose leash walking or fun tricks like spin, crawl, play dead, etc. During our session, we’ll teach you how these behaviors are trained and maintained, as well as answer your questions and give some fun tips and tricks to make practicing at home fun for you and your pup.

To schedule a class or to get more information, please contact Taylor directly at